Monday, April 2, 2007

been awol

so i've been awol for ages. Lach went OS for a conference so i went to stay at Mum's and then tikki's rather than staying here on my lonesome. Tikki and i have been busy coming up with some great ideas for some very funky and fun pieces. Hopefully we'll geting to see at least one make it on to ozebaby before she goes home. oh yeah ..tik and lily are staying with us here while andy has gone north hunting and gathering. Hopefully our bambino's will cooperate and we'll get to be creative.

Anyway i've bought heaps of t's whilst i've been away and am getting some new pixies together. I've bought some beautiful stripey organic long-sleeved tee's that will get some very special endangered creatures painted on them. I'm thinking the next one might be a corroboree frog as one of our great mates works on these highly endangered little creatures. i want to make all of the endangered t's of creatures/plants that aren't widely known. sort of trying to help raise awareness yk....
i've also bought a small artist quality canvas that i'm gonna paint up with a little pixie. cute.... and hopefully someone will like the idea and i'll do heaps and then become really inspired and might even pick up a paintbrush and do a "real" painting. should actually show what some of my real paintigns look like. although i don't think tikki would agree to me showing the nudes i painted of her in year 12 lol..

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