Friday, April 20, 2007

some of my fabric stash

Just some of the fabric residing in my fabric stash at the moment. The first two are for asher. the green with the alphabet my sweet little mum just sent to me and i got the other stuff in her fav shop. The next lot is also for asher. Not sure wht they are going to actuallybe but i'm sure i'll figure it out. the strawberry stuff is not for asher rather for my little strawberry doll, tully. she has strawberry blonde hair, loves to eat them and of course loves strawberry shortcake. i was going to make this stuff up for something for summer..opps
and last is some real vintage stuff. My mum made a skirt for one of my sister's when shewas 6 or 7 and sheturns 40 this year. this is the off-cuts which have been stored away since then. perfect too. I love Holly hobbie too and this print is just divine. have some plans for this stuff and some co-ordinating material to go with it. just have to get my machine out of retirement.

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Juwles said...

Still have that dress