Friday, May 18, 2007

all's quiet.....

sitting here enjoying the peace and ....ahhhhhh.. quiet. Lach has taken tully off to get tea and asher is sleeping. ahhhh the serenity.

have been trying to get a couple of customs finished but the kids haven't been very helpful on that front. I'm doing 2 tee's for a couple of little girls who have requested the same top. Apparently they like to wear the same things lol. it's acually quite difficult to try and do things the same. The hair colour is different but otherwise they're pretty close. So my little blurb about people never seeing the same thing twice might be wrong in this instance.

Have decided that tully needs a new tee for her owl so off to find one. But have a new idea i'm hoping to get done this weekend for another spesh top for her. Will hopefully have a pick to show by the end of the weekend.

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