Monday, May 21, 2007

These are my latest two offerings to go up on Ozebaby. Riff and pixie Q. At the moment i'm liking doing male and female ones of the same theme. i looove the i also have a bit of strange liking for suzi Quatro. I'm not really that into her music althoughit does get stuck in my head. I think i just like her image and tough chick feel. Of course when i did a rocker girl it had to be suzi along with mullet to boot. I couldn't really pick a male rocker... i was thinking of using slash with big frizzy hair and little top hat ...he would have been funny. but decided to go for a cute little dude instead. A billy idol one would have been funny though.
I have another 2 to finish before i put these up live on Friday night. Still to come is Fern and Ferdinand.

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ingrid said...

Oh I love Riff, he is cute but cool!