Sunday, June 10, 2007

endangered series - leapfrog

fergus the yellow- spotted tree frog and finnis the pixie are the latest members of the pint clan. These guys are the second in my series of endangered australian flora and fauna. It took a while for me to get this one done as i've been talking about doing it for months but finally it's finished and up on ozebaby as an auction starting tonight and ending on thursday night. That's if i can figure out how to do the auctions properly.
There are so many endangered frogs in australia however i chose to use the yellow-spotted tree frog as it is such an unusual and attractive frog and thought it would work really well on a tee. Like most frogs the decline of these guys is due to loss of habitat, changes to natural water flow, application of herbicides and pesticides, introduced fish and the disease chytrid fungus. Sadly these guys haven't even really been seen in the wild since the 1970's so they could be extinct.
The t-shirt is a gorgeous 100% certified organic cotton tee. so soft and lovley.
I do hope someone loves him as much as we do...if not my little rednut will be happy to wear it in a few years time.

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