Thursday, June 28, 2007

toot and gilbert

i just snuck toot the owl and gilbert the green turtle up onto ozebaby as buy nows. I had wanted to get them done earlier but somehow theweek just slipped past me.

It is tully's 3rd birthday soon. I can't believe sheis going to be 3. She is such a little girl now and has a wonderful imagination. She roll plays with asher all the time. She calls him her little daddy lol. She turns her little car on it's side and makes asher get in it and they go fishing.

I'm joping to get her long awaited owl donethis wekend. I had been looking for a special sortof tee to do it on. A plain tee with puffy sleeves or something but haven't found anything as yet. I'm also planning on wiping upsome new pants and some dress ups. Our budget is always so minimal and i should have been putting stuff away for her but hopefully i'll be able to get her some cool stuff this weekend before all the big stocktake sales end.

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ingrid said...

Oh My, toot is adorable!! And I just came across a really lovely style of plain tee at kmart of all places. It is l/s round neck and has a puffy part at the shoulder and then a straight sleeve. Really lovely and girly although I am not usually a fan of kmart quality. I think they started at size 3 and they had lots of lovely solid colours.