Monday, August 27, 2007

i love trees

last summer i made the tree stencil for asher for one of his tee's. i have always loved it so i thought i'd pop one up in tikki's store and see if anyone else would like it. The tree silhouette is an image which i have used in my artwork for a long time. I really love the forms of gum trees on the horizon at dusk. The elegance and strength of their branches and trunks is really something which i have always loved to draw.

thecrab is another stencil i made for a friend last summer but i'm keeping this one for my little man who has been a bit crabby of late. ahhhh the temper of a red head


ingrid said...

These are both lovely, especially the trees. Did you use freezer paper to do these? I have some I have been meaning to try out, but my sketches are no where near as lovely as yours.

megsie said...

I use old overhead projector transparencies but have heard the freezer paper is good. Would love to see your stencils when you do them