Tuesday, August 28, 2007

revisiting old sketches

thought i'd do some progress pics for the next tee that's on the go. The top picis the material for the skipping girl's dress all ready to be appliqued, The next is the initial sketch. I decided not to go with the puffy sleeves, not sure why. going to applique witha green thread i'm thinking, although this might change.
i did this sketch the other day but below are some of my original sketches i did about 10 years ago. I'm planning on doing all of these again but will alter them to make them little girls. I did quite a few of the fairy chick. They always had the same o mouth too. I always imagined them with little buttons for their eyes and mouth so might do one and see how it looks. I exhibited one of the little fairy chicks in an exhibition with some other more serious pieces once. She's always been a fav.
I've also done a few boy versions today so the little fella's won't be missing out.yoyo chick

solar chick

skipping chick

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