Friday, August 3, 2007

what's doin'

i've been busy finishing off a few trades this week. Will post pics when i take them :D finally booked our camera in to be fixed (yay for tax returns) so hopefully i won't be using the dodgy old borrowed camera for too much longer.

I have sketches done for some new stuff and am just waiting on the mail man to bring me some tee's so i can get onto them. tikki and i are planning some cool stuff for book week so there won't be any big stockings on my part until then. One very special pikki tint piece will be gender neutral but i have to wait for the postie before i can start it! go postie go! I am planning on just whipping stuff as buy now intermittently throughout august so keep watch at tikki's store for surprise stockings.
and a pic to share cause what's a post without a pic. And he's such a cute little gecko we found up in NT a few years ago when holidaying with a herpetologist friend who is an absolute wiz at spotting reptiles. cute isn't he?

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