Sunday, October 7, 2007

pixies in progress

it's been a while since i've done a decent stocking of pixies so i've decided i best pop some up. Here are a couple of works in progress. Above is daisy, the perfect little springtime lass. In our house daisy is a cow and often any other type of farmyard animal. Asher can be heard calling out "DAISY" at the top of his little voice throughout the day. So this little daisy really makes me smile and chuckle at my funny little man.
Below is gareth the gardener. Another ode to spring and the love of green thumbs. I love his purple tee!
Both tee's have been sketched in black and then given one coat of colour. I will go over the colours another couple of times and then go over with final black outline. I also have another two images sketched out but am hoping to have a really decent sized stocking (maybe 6?) of pixies in a couple of weeks.:D

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