Saturday, October 27, 2007


oh my goodness!!!!! Christmas is fast approaching! I can't believe that it is nearly christmas time again! Check out all the exclamation marks... it's because i'm getting a bit spun out that it's nearly that time again and i have so many children to buy/make things for. I come from a rather large family and although we don't buy for everyone i do buy for all the kids and that makes about 11 kids on my side and 3 on lach's. Plus mum and mil, sibling for kriskringle and nan and pa. And then there's my little family! So i started shopping today and have done pretty well but oh my goodness i've hardly made a dint. I would have loved to have made something for all the kids, and although i still may I can see myself getting really stressed at trying to get at least 9 little special tee's painted by then (my teenage and sub-teen nephews really wouldn't get into the tee's).
I have been deliberating about what to get tully for ages and really couldn't decide. She doesn't really need anything and spends a lot of her play time in imaginative play where she uses boxes, material and other odds and ends to playroll or make into things. So i've finally decided to get her this . It's the most devine little wooden sewing machine. I love it and i sure do hope she does too. I have visions of her sitting up beside me sewing whilst i do and asher quietly play with his unreal little fisher price garage i bought him today. i hope i'm not dreaming and she will love it.

Anyway since it's nearly christmas i thought i better pop up some christmas pixies. And since i haven't got heaps of time up my sleeve, it's a bit of a special piece. If your interested in more details check out here
I have always given these little pixies as cards at Christmas time. Nearly all my family members keep them and pop them up on their trees each year. I love seeing the old ones i've created in the past. Especially the little Mrs santa mum has on her tree:D These will be the only christmas pixies i will be doing although i really want to paint the angel i've made as cards in the past too so she'll definitley be making an appearance sometime soon.
At the moment i'm working on some little pint animals and am planning on randomly stocking the store as i get them finished. Hopefully there'll be some making an appearance early next week:D

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