Saturday, October 20, 2007

so finally, some sewing

It's been ages since i've done any sewing. I keep buying fabric and talking about what i'm going to make but my machine would just sit and collect dust, literally. So after purchasing more fabric today (opps) I decided i better get my butt into gear and make something. First i had to clean the machine though...groan. My machine usually only gets cleaned when tikki visits. I know I'm very naughty and yes it's well and truly due for a service. That's next week's project. I had this very simple pattern in mind which i had downloaded from this tutorial
thanks to tracy for posting the link to it :D

It's such a simple pattern although i'm thinking I might put buttons on it rather than the ties as i think they would sit well and i have quite a thing for buttons.
Tully loves the material. It's a Mchael Miller print which i picked up at the discount fabric shop down the road. A very dangerous shop indeed. Tuly loves Ariel (the little mermaid) at the moment so this is just perfect. She is very tired inthese shots though. It's so hot here today and she'd just come in from splashing in the wading pool. She;s wearing her first pair of "real" bathers underneath.
This is the second thing I made for tully. Although it isn't finished and it's very basic. I found some cute little boys organic tops at target and decided to applique some cute fabric on rather than paint. Just have that tiny little bit to finish....

Last is a great pattern that used to belong to my aunty. I'm thinking of making the little puffy sleeve dress and wuold like to have ago at the hats although Lachie thinks they are terrible. I'm going to surprise him i hope.

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tikki said...

It turned out beautifully Megs, that fabric is gorgeous!!!! Perfect for Tully.
Love the singlet too!

I like the hats too ;) I have that pattern too but a smaller size (you probably gave it to me, right LOL)