Thursday, November 15, 2007

meika, our true angel

Having just completed two angel pictures and being this time of year, I have been thinking alot about our own little angel, Meika. This might seem a strange thing to blog about to some but i figure i already blog about my other two children and other personal stuff, so why not talk about my first child. For me it is very important and cathartic to speak of and remember Meika.

Meika was our first baby and was still born at 28 weeks, 7 years ago. She was born on Dec 30th so this time of year always brings back so many memories. Hard to believe we should have a 7 year old with us. And so sad that we don't.
This sketch is the picture i drew for the memorial card at Meika's service where we scattered her ashes. I always thought that she would have red curly hair and lo and behold our little asher man has the exact hairdo i imagined her to have. Her ashes were scatterd at a very significant spot on the coast and we visit every year on her birthday to say hello. I like to imagine her smiling up at us from the waters like a little mermaid. A sad story i know but one that i wanted to share.


ingrid said...

Not a strange thing to blog about at all. In fact it is a beautiful thing. Sharing a loved one is very special. Thanks you for letting us into such a special part of your life.

-Tina said...

Sorry for your loss.
The sketch is beautiful.
Will be thinking of your angel on December 30th.


tikki said...

Whenever I think about Meika (often when I hear her name on Playschool or read it in the Rainbow book)I always imagine her like your sketch, and I think she would have hair like Asher too. She's a special little mermaid angel.
Big hugs sis!!!