Sunday, November 4, 2007

op-shop goodness

How beautiful is this picture? I found it in one of the many books i bought at the op-shop today and had to start my post with it.
i finally ventured into this op-shop which is really close to my house but only open on Monday's and my goodness I'm glad i did:D the op shop gods certainly delivered.

First off i scored these beautiful patterns. Love the little girl's pattern but it's a size one so too small for tully but i couldn't leave it behind.

This book which has some hilarious things in it but also some great ideas.

like this owl which is actually papermache but i think would work really well in felt.

And the owl and the pussy cat were found in another wonderful old crafting book

which also contained this very thrifty add.

these little pants also jumped off the racks at me. What a score. The waist needs to be taken in but they will be wonderful for tully this summer. The top which was with them was not so great... There were any more fabulous scores but this is enough show and tell. Gee i love op-shops :0)


tikki said...

That tshirt is sooo Tully!! Gorgeous!!
I forgot to tell you, the local discount store has little Strawberry shortcake camp chairs (but without the arms) want one? think they're under $10. Lily is in love but i told her they're for big girls LOL

Love the books, excellent score!! You know how much I love a vintage craft book :D I'll start saving my egg cartons for you :P

megsie said...

tik tully would probably really love a starwberry camp chair. sounds a bit special.

starashan said...

I think I'm coming to invade your local oppy! Great finds. :o)