Sunday, February 3, 2008

Innes National Park

We escaped for a belated long weekend away at Innes National Park on the York Peninsula this weekend. We hadn't seen any of this side of SA so it was an interesting camping experience. The National Park is really lovely with some amazing views of islands off the coast (where are my shots of these???) and awesome waves. The campsites weren't so great though. We bush cmap when we can so have a pretty basic expectation of a campsite. Sadly the site we stayed at was a bit disappointing. Fenced off sites which were completely bare, heaps and heaps of broken glass, no shade and introduced bees everywhere. In hindsight we should have paid the extra $10 a night to stay at pondolowie rather than surfers beach but's all experience. Anyway, the beaches were awesome, the water refreshing and a good time was had most of the time :)
We did a bit of sight seeing...


driving :)

and splashing about.

Back at home it was soooo nice to have a good wash and start thinking about the next trip away. I'm thinking the Flinders ranges. awesome :)

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