Wednesday, March 19, 2008

vintage illustration .... day 3

A very battered and dog eared favourite of mine from my childhood today, Andy Pandy's new pet illustrated by Matvyn Wright. No date of publishing in the book but I got this for Christmas in 1977.

This is my favourite illustration. I love their sweet little beds.

Such bright and fresh colours but gee it's a bit of a crazy get-up Andy pandy gets around in:)


eileensattic said...

yes, you don't see many kids going around in ruffles these days. But very very cute.. the pictures are beautiful.

Maureen said...

Wanted to comment on your desk but somehow I don't get the comment button???

But I DID look!!

Net said...

So happy and bright aren't they? I love their beds too.

megsie said...

sorry Maureen. I think I accidentally ticked a box when i was playing around last night and I can't undo it for that post. Thanks for looking though:)