Thursday, March 20, 2008

vintage 5

Today'scontribution to Pip's week long vintage illustration meme is from Brave Cowboy Bill illustrated by Richard Scarry. Asher was given this Little Golden Book at a great little opie in Clare. What a great little gift:) I didn't realise until today that it was illustrated by Richard Scarry whose illustrations I have always loved. It looks so different to his Busytown characters. I adore Busytown books. Brave Cowboy Bill was published in 1957 so it must have been at thestart of Scarry's career.

Anyway the pictures are so cute and tough. Although I dont think the message in this book is particulalry great " You could hear that cowboy laugh justbefore he pulled his trigger. BANG! BANG! BANG! He shot it dead." oh dear..... and then he skinned them :O I do laugh at how the tongues are hanging out the side of the mouth to show they're dead. So of the era.

He really is a sweet little cowboy for all his rootin tootin toughness:)


ingrid said...

Oh he looks far too cute to be shooting them dead!

Sherrin said...

what a rough tootin high shootin no sleepin cowboy. lol at the tongues.

I really like the backdrop in the pic! ;o)

Net said...

Ooh, I love Richard Scarry! These are great, those tongues are funny!

Ulla said...

Richard Scarry has illustrated books as early as 1949, go check on by blog!