Tuesday, May 20, 2008

on my other desk...wednesday

Today's "on my desk" comes from my other desk, the one in the lounge where it is nice and warm.
The weather has turned quite chilly of late and so I have found myself spending more time of an evening curled up in front of the tv beside this desk embroidering and stuffing little pixies. I have quite a few little lasses on the go at the moment and hope to pop them up all together next week sometime.

This desk is also the home to fluffy our Wollemi pine. He's looking pretty good although some of his bits got a bit sunburnt during the hot weeks we had here at the start of the year. A cute little easel a lovely woodman made for me when I worked for an Art Gallery and ordered a bulk amount of easels in a much larger form, also sits on the desk with a drawing I made many moons ago. At the moment it's the perfect place for pixie's in progress.

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