Tuesday, May 6, 2008

softie love

I was going to do this post to announce that Jora was up in the store. I popped her up then went to have a shower, came back and she was sold:O I have really quick showers too! I'm really pleased that these little pixies are flying off to such loving homes. I really love making them so it is so very rewarding. Thanks so much!

One of the most enjoyable things about making the softies is playing with fabric and colour combinations. I enjoy it soooooo much. I have some devine fabrics by some local aussie designers that I hope to use for some ultra spesh softies.

Naming the softies is fun too as I get to use all the names from my list of baby names I want to use but Lachie isn't into them, so at least some of my babies get to have them. Jora wasn't on the list but I came across it yesterday. It means autumn rains and since we have been having such wonderful autumn rains, with some particularly heavy downpours yesterday, Jora just seemed perfect. I really like it too:)

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