Monday, July 7, 2008

Mr. Percival

Well Mr.Percival is all done and up in the shop I'm very happy with how he's turned out and hopefully someone else will be too:D

I've also got a few pixies waiting their turn for a bit of attention. They will be up before the weeks end. We're off across the border for a brief catch up with family and friends and to celebrate the big 4 for the Tullster so I've got to sell, sell, sell to help pay for the crazy costs of petrol (and my planned visit's into many country oppie's along the way). At least the rain is bucketing down and we are housebound so I am being quite efficient today and my list of things to finish before Thursday is getting shorter!


tikki said...

He is gorgeous!!! I want him!!!

got the fabric today ;)

edward and lilly said...

The pixies are so cute!