Wednesday, December 3, 2008

things are hard without a camera!

I've had a couple of things all ready for the store for a while now but no camera to take shots of them! Grrrrrr...... My camera got left behind while we were away about a month ago and still hasn't been returned to me. So stocking the store has proved a tad difficult. With chrissy creeping ever closer I decided I better do something and have used Lach's phone for the shots. Not real flash but not as bad as I feared.

We've had some crazy times and yucky gastro bugs so I haven't been able to get as much done as hoped. Today I will be stocking a couple of pixies and then randomly over the next week. I also have my cards and tags all ready but just need to get the phone out for some more shots. I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out and hopefully others will be too. They are actually my chrissy cards I'll be using this year featuring a couple of cute little pintsized cherubs. i have tee's all ready to print but really don't know how I'll go for time before chrissy and getting them all sent out espeically living in a country town where mail seems to be a bit slower.

Anyway check out the store if your on the search for something sweet for your little darling. Sorry to the Mum's of boys but I have sadly neglected them and don't have a lot of boys stock. Although this may change if I find the time in the next week.:D

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