Thursday, February 12, 2009

two little toys for two little boys...

We've recently had two new additions to my family, two little boys Tobias and Declan. I've been a bit of a slacker at getting their pressies but have finally completed the last of them today, well I nearly have, just gotta add some wings. I haven't named the little fella's yet though, might get Tully to help me with that. Her last request for the bub's name was Merryweather and Asher's was Whale. hmmmmmm I think he's thinking of me actually.

You know how I said there wouldn't be any more pixies for a while...well I lied. Today I pulled out the fabric to have a go at mix and matching some colours, but have been put on hold by my lack of skin toned felt. I rang up Winterwood toys to order some more and was shocked to be told the fires were only 20 miutes from them. I felt a bit guilty and very apologetic as I was requesting felt asap, but the ladies are so lovely there. Of course they have been affected by the fires but are still working away...I guess you just have too! The pixies will be appearing over at the Bushfire relief appeal whilst some others will be included in comfort packs.

Oh and bub is now officially over due lol. I knew it would be and beside twinges I don't think much is happening yet. We're off to visit Mum for her birthday tomorrow so maybe bub will decide to make a show when we get home ....and not whilst we are away. Today I tackled the very daunting task of handwashing the beautiful shawl Mum made for Tully when she was a wee one. It's absolutely amazing , clever thing that she is. But I get so nervous washing it in fear it's going to stretch out of shape or something. Looks good still though :D

Have you checked out the Bushfire appeal over at Ozebaby yet???? Go and do so if you haven't, there are some great things up for auction. There's also some stuff coming up over at Gossamer Dreams in a few days as well.. And handmade help too:D


tikki said...

echino boy looks very cute for a little Tobias ;)

Think Tully's been reading too much Sleeping Beauty LOL I'm surprised Asher didn't suggest Rory or Digger

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Oh the shawl is just lovely Megsie. I have the shawl that my Dad picked out especially when Amy was born. It's not a handmade one, but it something that helps me remember my Dad. I won't ever part with it, hoping that it will be passed down through the family.

Your little pixies are ever so cute :)

And bubbas tend to come when they want lol! I don't think it will be too much longer though ;)


sue said...

Those pixies are just adorable. I have just discovered your wonderful blog and have spent a bit of time reading through your archives. I just love all the work that you create. My 7 yr old daughter has fallen in love with your pixies too, is there any chance you will be making some to sell soon.

ingrid said...

The little boy pixies are adorable.
And that shawl is divine!! I am glad the washing went well. I would have been nervous too.