Wednesday, February 4, 2009

valentine oobee

Check out this sweet little Valentine Oobee that arrived in my mailbox today. Soooo Super sweet. I was lucky to get a custom one from the very clever Leslie from one girl I came across a post on her blog offering custom Valentine Oobee's and since bub is due Valentine's Day thought it would be the perfect gift from the kids. Well actually I lie, the bub's due the day before but Valentine's Day sounds so much nicer than friday 13th. Not that bub is likely to arrive on either of those days, but how could I go past an oobee! It is delightfully soft and cuddly. His name is Casanova and is made from a beautiful wool blend. I love him sooo:D

He's already hanging out in the hammock waiting for a bub to join him. The hammock has been set up from the day we got it, the kids had to put it up the moment it was delivered. Thankfully Tik was here with her hammock so I could check out that it looked right. The change table has been moved into our room as well with a bunch of gorgeous naps waiting for a bub. The two shelves aren't all bub's though. The basher boy is still tting. He's getting there, just slower than I had hoped.

Yesterday the postie delivered this book which I had posted about (yes, the postie has been making regular deliveries of late). It is a beautiful beautiful book! I had hoped that it would touch a little bit on where bub really comes from, although my kids do know. The ilustrations are amazing.

This one is my fav.

How sweet is that! Talk about a very baby orientated post! Well it is on my mind at the moment, although I am in no hurry for bub to come. I'm enjoying being pregnant. I'm not too huge and bub is nice and low and "YAY" has gone anterior again. I'm on a couple of homeopathic brews to hopefully encourage an arrival before the medical profession decides it really has been long enough. I'm still walking into town and up and down lots of hills (which is all this town is made from..hills!!)and of course crafting. Here's my latest baby in the works. I've been thinking about this little dollie for a while now. She's from some pics I drew ages ago and will hopefully turn out just as I envisage her. Well nah that ain't gonna happen, I hope she just turns out close to what I imagine. Just sneak peeks for the moment.

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The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Oh Megsie, love the hammock and the new baby, she is such a cutie !!!

And not long now :)