Monday, March 2, 2009


they're all sleeping! All 3 of them at the one time! Amazing...bugger it's after 4 in the afternoon lol. Looks like we'll be partying til late tonight.

Tik's post reminded me that I hadn't shown off any pics of my shawl that Granny Annie knitted for Tully freshly laundered and with a fresh new bub.

It's pretty amazing hey! I'm also very lucky to have a very vast pile of fresh white (and a couple of pink) little knitted cardigan's Annie has knitted me for my newbies. Just about enough for Sage to wear a different one for a month lol. Seriously! Oh and then there's the very special little number tik has given me ( I'll save a shot of that one for when she fits into it:D).

See I don't need to know how to knit when I've got such talent to knit for me!

Hmmm best get back to these lasses while I can:D


Kaz said...

gosh she's so lovely megsie

your serenity shines through your posts

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

oh Megsie, she is just beautiful!!! I should be sewing too, instead of looking at gorgeous squisshy newborns.

The shawl is divine!!! as are the knitteds.