Sunday, June 21, 2009

sage's rainbow

Sage had a day out in her rainbow dress today and doesn't she look sweet, sweet, sweet! I love the pastel rainbow, the sweet style, picot edging but most of all I love that gurgling, giggling, ball of squealling and screeching scrumminess that is my little Sage.

She's a big 4 months old now, gosh where did that go? And she's easy! She doesn't sleep through and I'm not really sure that she ever has, she loves to be with me ALL the time and I love to be with her too. Life is certainly busier but I prefer to call it fuller:) Anyway, back to the rainbow dress that this post is about!

Did I mention I love the tones? Well they are plant dyes but I'm not sure of any of the other spec's except that it came from NZ. I love how the sleeves sit, a little bit different to the original pattern; a bit more like a cap sleeve. And the fit is just perfect on sage. It's a size 6 months and my chubby little 4 month will be in it for a long long time, I see her wearing it as a top in a years time. Thanks tik, we love love love it!


tikki said...

awwww, love that first photo!!!! she is a super adorabubble little cutie!!!

she looks very cute in her rainbow, now to make her a little OL ;)

megsie said...

ohhhh squeals of delight! An oriental!!!!!

oh and did you notice i still don't have the ribbon! opps

tikki said...

LOL I did notice that!! (but was polite and didn't mention it) WE also didn't get buttons for the eyes for asher's vest DOH! Found a pair of school tights for Tully today, only one pair though :(

MadMel said...

wow that looks great on her!! I love it! Wish I could knit :(
She is just gorgeous! Can't believe how fast she's growing up!!