Tuesday, July 14, 2009

party prep

Got a party on the cards this week. Little miss Tully turns 5 in two more sleeps, and OH my Lordy it's sooooo exciting! Well can you remember being 5? This birthday has been talked about and planned since Christmas, damn the miss is excited.

So, anyway we're having a teaparty to celebrate. The invites have been sent, the presents bought, the baking planned and now I'm up to the finishing off the little pressies for the kiddies. I've made about 20 odd little brooches and have to admit I've enjoyed making these very much. They're simple and lots of fun and I get to indulge in playing with fabric and buttons, win win:D


Michelle said...

Gorgeous. Ghe little owls are very sweet. Hope Tully has a great party.

Anna Lloyd said...

Those are adorable! As are your kids - too cute.