Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Gosh, it's been a while since my last post. No excuses, just not in blogging frame of mind I guess. I also haven't been in a very pixie making frame of mind of late. It seems to be taking an awful long time to make them and I'm guessing that's because I've made so many of them. Sooo I think I may just have a break from them and focus on some other designs I've been playing with. I do have a few cut out and a couple nearly completed for an upcoming stocking somewhere secret, but after that pixies may be in short supply whilst i do some other stuff. They have been in short supply of late anyway but I have made a couple and now they are with there new owners I can show them off.

Little Katie is my side of a trade with super clever mumma

And little Lucie tee for a very gorgeous little 1 year old. I have also made another pixie but very sadly forgot to take a picture of her before sending her on her way. I'm think I've reached well over 50 pixies so it certainly is time for a pixie break.

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Lesley said...

And Katherine adores her, she won't put her down and keeps telling me to be quiet, I'll wake Baby Dolly. Thank you Megsie, both the tshirt and Dolly are just beautiful.