Monday, October 12, 2009

flitter flutter

oooooo so many little winged things in my house at the moment:D
Much to the delight of her big sis, little Sage is quite happy to be dressed up as a fairy princess. Apparently the dress is very nice to chew.

As would be Ella and Alice if I would let Sage close enough to get her hands on them. These two little pixies will be appearing over in a very exciting stocking that tik and I have been invited to attend. Gossamer Dreams is the place to visit on the 15th as not only will tik and I be there but lots of other talented wahm's. The stocking is retro and I'm a bit excited about what may be stocked, check out Lesley's awesome set...way cute! The stocking is for 24hrs only so make sure you don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

She's so cute, did you make the crown too?

The pixies are gorgeous!

claire said...

Naaaaw, what a cute lil princess!
The pixies are super di-dooper! I'll try my luck at GD :)

megsie said...

don't Claire....I have a little strawberry one planned for you:D You've made my year with the treehouse!
Kris- yep i made the crown using instructions from Amanda Soule's "Creative Family". You would love her book, also "Handmade Home"

Anonymous said...

I'll have to put the book on my Christmas list, sounds right up my alley