Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I picked up a couple of mag's along with some fabric and strawberrry licorice,oh man this stuff is my vice. It's just too yummy, but oh so sickly if you go too far...which I have, blergh. A bit of reading and reeeelaxing was the plan, but it didn't happen. You see I was going to reward myself for finishing off all these tee's last night.

Two little princesses. one for my princess, the other to be sent off in the mail to another princess. I think another might still be on the cards, what do you think Lily?

A little monkey and wee little xmas dove all done as well. Yay! Now for the next lot, but first I'm gonna sit down, pop up my feet and read Frankie.

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Jetta's Nest said...

The princesses are just gorgeous!