Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, this post was going to be to announce that the first Long legged Polly Dolly Lilac was in the store and to please, get on over there to check her out, but the store won't let me in.... So instead I'm going to say that Lilac will be in the store ...soon. Hopefully sometime today, but who knows. I'll pop her on preview first so you can check her out proper like and then she'll go up live. Hope you all like her, Tully does, and has requested many times that this one be for her. Shame she has a squillion softie's made by me languishing on her bed, mostly unloved.

Lilac's friend Rose will be making an appearance in the store over the next couple of days, and then there's sure to be more. But first I must squeeze in some time to make something for my littlest misses 1st b'day. I had planned on making one of these dolls to go in the gorgeous wooden pram she is getting but I didn't get on to it soon enough and don't have any doctors flannel. I think a polly dolly may suffice.

The little poppet isn't getting much in the way of pressies, but what she is getting is awesome. Yesterday a truly wonderful little dress arrived from Belle and Boo. I just about squealed when the postie handed it to me. I think the little image of Belle scared him out of popping it in my letterbox. Now how special is that.

** Super happy yay** Ozebaby has finally come back on-line and Lilac is up previewing now. She'll go live tonight (wed 3/2) at 7pm SA time. cheers


Michelle said...

She is divine, love the long stripy legs. We have a birthday coming up in a few months here too. I can't believe little Sage is 1 already.

claire said...

Oh she is adorable! I *may* be stalking ozebaby... The pixie is a big hit here, flying everywhere with miss Zoe.
Um, one of those dresses is winging its way here too... shhhh... I think it will go away under the caravan bed to await a birthday too :)
Sage turning 1 ALREADY? NO.WAY!

Mary said...

Beautiful work Megsie. Love the photo of Tully, very sweet.