Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my creative space

Today i would "like" to be sewing up a bunch of little heads to bodies, but it's still school holidays here in SA so instead I'm butting heads with some little ones. The children really should be happy and entertaining themselves, I mean shesh we've been out all morning checking out the Wolfensohn suitcases from the National Gallery, and running off some energy. It's even a nice day outside, well not wet anyway, so they "should" be playing in the yard but no they would rather wrestle on the floor until one injures the other. Oh lordy, come on Monday! And here I was thinking I'd like to homeschool, well bah not today! Oh and the suitcases were awesome! Many moons ago I had a hand in creating the same sort of thing for Canberra Museum and Gallery, so I was really interested to see how these would be presented. Unfortunately, the library was under-staffed so they didn't receive the attention they deserved, but it was great to see and handle some interesting art works.

Ooo and I have a very special new addition to my little creative space, another Joan Walsh Anglund children's sewing box. So I have two now, that's a collection right? Both have been found in local antique shops, what do think my chances are of finding a third? I was so excited when I walked in and spied the little valentine one straight away. You know how it is, your heart skips a beat and you just can't wait to have it in your hands, my partner just looks at me like I'm mad!

I have been able to achieve a small amount of creating this week, primarily in the form of a new Long-legged polly dolly named Holly. Holly is being stocked over at Gossamer dreams and will go live tonight at 8pm est.

There are heaps of wonderful things in this stocking so go and have a peak, there's sure to be someting there to interest you. Me, I'm loving a sweet little cardi knitted by a clever sis of mine and modelled by a sweet little boy...who's dressed in the prettiest dress rofl. Nice one tik!

More spaces can be found over at kootoyoo


tikki said...

sssshhhh, no one is meant to notice it's a boy!!!

Love Holly, she is so sweeet!!!

I have a couple of those kids here today too, might send them over to your place!!!

Kate said...

Ha! I always plan to homeschool mine at the start of the holidays and by the way!
Love that dolly. She's super cute!

ingrid said...

Oh My! Those sewing baskets are too adorable. I love Joan Walsh Anglund, but I have never seen her beautiful illustrations on a sewing basket. How sweet!

Dolly is pretty special too. I just went to have a lookee and she has already been snapped up!

Michelle said...

Holly is gorgeous, as are the sewing boxes. The suitcase we saw from the Canberra Museum and Gallery a few years ago was fabulous - the kids loved it!

Amanda said...

The baskets are sooo cute, and the doll would be any girls dream :) Congrats on the growing belly!

Anonymous said...
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Lesley said...

Oh my those baskets are beautiful!

So pleased you could join us for GD again and your little Dolly is just so cute!!

Tut Tut I think Tik's bit cross with you about outing your nephew lol!!

Anonymous said...