Wednesday, May 12, 2010

creative space

Well my creative space hasn't really changed too much from yesterday's post. I've battled with little fingers pushing buttons whilst I try to sew; so gave up on that, I've cotemplated stuffing some softies but well couldn't be....stuffed, so I've been playing with new fabric purchased from the stitches and craft show. I only noticed the tonal matching of the fabrics I chose when I was unpacking them today. Very autumnal and warm. Which it isn't really here, I think we've skipped autumn and have headed straight into winter. The babushka panel is from Kristen Doran and other gorgeous pieces are from ink and spindle.

Now I'm off to check out some more creative spaces over at Kirsty's, you should too!


Michelle said...

Nice selection! Hope you get some peaceful creating time.

Emma said...

mm gorgeous colours... love the red against the green. BTW your autumnwinter is still warmer than the UK late spring! It was -1 the night before last!!! ;)