Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a babble of babushka's

I'm not really sure what you call a group of babushka's, but I can sort of imagine these little ladies chattering away in a group like a bunch of Mum's outside school at pick up time. I don't think there really is a word for a group of babushka's, is there? Anyway, this little bunch is destined for a market in Warrnambool in a bit over a month. I know I've blogged about it already, but just in case you don't know about it and you're from the area go and check it out, I think it's gonna be swell.

The market has been the perfect inspiration for me, I'm churning out new designs and new softies all over the place. I designed these little misses to cater for those not willing to spend toooo much. I know some would still consider them maybe a bit exy (I'm planning on selling them for $25) but hey I don't think I really need to justify the time, fabric and love put into every one of these. It is a handmade stall after all, so I'm hoping the crowd it attracts are appreciative of original handmade designs.

So, as I was saying before the mini rant, I'm churning out new designs all over the place. In fact I'm just about to draft up another! I'm planning on a little one-eyed monster. Tully has been singing the purple people eater song, and whilst the little dude I have in my head won't be wearing short shorts, he will have ummmm one eye!

Once the market is over and I drag home the many softies that haven't sold, I will be listing them over on a new store over at made it. Tikki has closed down her ozebaby store where I have been fortunate to sell stuff for the last few years and for which I am very grateful (thanks tik). You can still purchase tik's knitting patterns over at Ravelry and from my market stall (she may even pop a few of her milo vests on there too!)and I hear she will be opening up a new store some time soonish;) But I have to admit I'm a little bit excited about opening my own store and it seems perfect to launch with lots of stock, so I back to work churning out pixies, polly dolly's, aliens, babushka's and little one eyed monsters and who knows, maybe even painting a tee or two!


Michelle said...

I think babble is the perfect word. They are very sweet

KIM said...

gasp* these are adorable!! i love babushkas!:KIM

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your own store Megsie, you'll do wonderfully!

The babushkas look fabulous, hope you list them online too

claire said...

These are ADORABLE!!! I'm sure your stall will go well, I only wish I could come!
Loving all your creations :D