Friday, August 20, 2010

alfie and ally alien

It seems to have taken me simply ages to stuff these two little green dudes. Sick kids = demanding kids which obviously = very little crafting getting done this week. But I think they're all on the mend now (touch wood) and I've given my partner in crime firm words that this weekend I need a wee break from being "Muuuummmmm" for a couple of hours. Only problem is that my preferred sewing machine (yep I have two:)) is visiting the sewing machine doctor and isn't due back until after the weekend. Bummer, but then again I will have time to finish some painted tee's for a super patient mumma and cut out a gazillion new softies which is one of my favourite parts of the softie making process, playing with fabric.

So Alfie and Ally; a bit cute aren't they. Well they'll be stocking over at pint on made it tomorrow night at 9pm SA time. Their friend Alfred will be joing them in the store later in the week. He hasn't quite got his act together as yet and will be making a bit of a random appearance. Although, I "might" announce his appearance on my facebook page. Not "liking" my pint page yet? Well I'm planning on a bit of a giveaway on here once I get to 200 on there, so why don't you go and "like" me. Ta, I appreciate it

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zofia said...

Oh SO cute! Adorable aliens I reckon!