Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's all been a bit NUTS of late in the my little part of the world. A house move with 4 little people was just a little more challenging than I expected. Boxes were packed and rapidly unpacked, floors were cleaned then muddied again. Finally we got everything out of the old house, hired a cleaner (genius) and started the big unpack at the new house. Finally after what seems like ages, e're pretty much settled in. There are still boxes to beunpacked and things rehomed, but it's nearly there.

I must say I do love our new home. We now have a very big blue lake pretty much in our backyard, well three houses down. Yep The Blue lake, we live in mount gambier. Our house is two storey, with my space taking up the room which is the second storey. No views of the lake though, just the town but that is pretty nice though. Today I've been up there with my smallest two rearranging bits and bobs and finishing off a few softies that seem like it's taken me ages to complete.

Finally, finally they are ready and all set to go. Two long legged polly dolly's and two long legged olly dolly's, which is my very first stocking of these guys, along with some babushka's and hopefully an alien, who is currently only half stuffed, will make an appearance over on my made it store Friday evening. Time yet to be confirmed, so please check out my facebook page for more details.

That's if these two little champs let me photograph, upload and do all that stocking jazz without too much hassle.

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