Tuesday, April 12, 2011

goodbye kindy

Today I'm a little sad, just a little. Today is Asher's last day of kindy. Now who let my little rednut go and grow up so quickly? Asher has LOVED his kindy, it has been such a wonderful nurturing, supportive and FUN place for him. A place where they allowed him the freedom to explore and develop his quirky little mind and grow into the engaging little dude he is. They value similar educational ideoligies to us, which is so super in such asmall town. So of course we had to find a befitting way to thank the kindy for the fabulous experiences they have provided Ash with. When Tully finished kindy she gifted them a pixie, but nope ash didn't want to give them a pixie! An alien was much more befitting.

So off Ash and the alien trotted this morning along with 7 little bundles of easter eggs with a little thankyou for each of his teachers. This afternoon we will go along to see the kids sing the goodbye song to all the kiddies heading off to school, and I will try really really hard not to shed a tear, whilst my little man beams with pride.

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Lesley said...

Such a sweet story Megsie and wow I wish we lived where you do - sending them off to school when they have their birthday sounds fabulous!!! Love the alien :D And look at all those red curls, very jealous!!! Pack the tissues