Thursday, May 5, 2011

winter chill

As days are getting shorter, the air becoming icier and winter beanies and jackets pulled from their summer hiding spots we are hunkering down, snuggling in and getting ready for the long winter months ahead. Living down south in the chillier regions of Australia, winter goes on FOREVER and already I'm dreading it. The last two days have provided glimpses of what's to come. Instead of popping on sunhats to go out to play, today it's beanies. However, it's not all doom and gloom, especially when one has a bright pink beanie knitted especially for one by a very kind aunty tikki. Sage was very enamoured with Lily's new ziggie beanie when we caught up in March, so much so she tried to steal it on more than one occasion. But now she has her own and she loves it!

i know it doesn't look like it in this pic but it was so darn cute, and such a sage face, that I had to share.

Now for us the winter months don't only herald the need for rugging up, they also mean that sport. You know the one that sends grown men into grumpy teenagers with crazy moodswings, strange squealing, moaning and sudden outbursts and air thumping. You know that sport?

Baby Otis just discovered it, although I'm pretty sure he just wants to eat it.

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ingrid said...

hehehehe, I love that face!
The beanie is cute too, but that face is priceless!