Friday, January 13, 2012


This is Frederick.  He is the first of lots and lots of softies I plan to make this year.  He will be popping up in my made it store tonight at 9pm est.  You might notice there are some skirts in store right now too, if you care to take a peak.  Just a bit of a promo, you know how it is..... 

Two more weeks of school holidays and then I'm back down to 2 kiddies in the house for most of the day.  Gee I have some plans.  The wee little pop up shop fabric has closed up for the year, with plans underway for it's resurrection next silly season. I'm planning on popping some of my softies into another fabulous pop up shop, Jellybean Children's markets and will also be doing some great markets around the traps throughout the year and of course there is always the fabulous made it site. 

I have so many ideas i'm busting to get a chance to make, alongside a ever growing desire to get back to my creative roots and find some time and space to paint again.  Who knows what 2012 will bring, it's started of pretty ace though, so it's sure to get even better.  Hope it's ace for you too!  What have you got planned?

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