Monday, March 26, 2012


 Flat out like a lizard drinking.  What a strange expression.  I used to have a lizard and I must say i never saw him lying particularly low whilst taking a drink, but nevertheless that is what I am at the moment.  Flat out with a capital F! 

Of course I'm busy making stuff.  This time its for the made artists markets in Port Fairy at easter time.  Yep easter, that's next week.  At present I have a whole of 4, maybe 5 softies made.  And somehow i forgot that school holidays start next week, and that we are having lots of guests over the easter break.  So needless to say, I'm sewing up quite a storm.  This blogging bit is just so i can feed the little dude, can't be sitting doing nothing now can I whilst the little leach is attached.

To be honest I was also a bit chuffed with this Babbit and wanted to share her.  Quite stoked I am with this little black furry critter.  Her name is Essie and if she doesn't find a home at the market she'll be popping up online.  I haven't sold one of these in the shop yet, so she may be the first.  Or it may be one of her other friends like Clancy below.  I am aiming on having LOTS of stock.  LOTS!  It's a really lovely little market which I am very very excited to be attending.   The details?  Well it's Saturday 7 April (day before my birthday;)), Saint John Anglican Church Hall, Barclay st Port Fairy 9am - 2pm.

 back to the machine xx 


ingrid said...

Be still me heart! Essie is the sweetest little babbit ever!

zofia said...

Essie is indeed very special!