Monday, April 30, 2012

red and blue

Today's fabric piles waiting to be cut into little rabbit and bear shapes were all red and blue.  This wasn't a conscious decision, just the fabrics that jumped out at me as I opened up the cupboards. 

Do you have days were a certain palette is particular to you?  I do.  I love playing with colours.  For me it's one of the most exciting parts of putting together a new creation.  I have quite a large pile and will arrange and rearrange untilt the colours pop.

I love fabric.  I prefer vitage or vintage influenced and scour the op-shops almost daily, often coming away with beauties such as the eiderdown above.  Today my heart just about jumped out of my chest when I spied this beautiful piece below sitting in a pile in my fav oppie.  I'd be chopping into it now if it didn't smell a wee bit like a granny's cupboard.  I love everything about this print.  The colours, the texture and imagery....  Just  about perfection, except for the odd granny smell.

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Tania said...

Beautiful scores! You'd never find gems like those if you were precisely lookin'...