Monday, July 2, 2012

audrey babbit

I have a helper these school holidays.  A little lady with a penchant for singing really bad music the top of her lungs.  Who wakes at the crack of dawn and thinks everyone else needs to hear her sing said bad music.  A little lady who will be 8 soon.  Eight!  A little lady who is growing up way too quickly. 

She helps me entertain her younger siblings.  Reading, playing barbies or swimming the seas as a mermaid, mooing round the farm or serving up delicious delights.  She is sweet, patient and caring.  And a terrific model and critique.  Audrey babbit got the thumbs up.  phew!


tikki said...

Audrey is soooo gorgeous!! Love all the orange, *sigh*!

She's as bad as Lily, up at 6:20. I sent her outside at 8 to get on with her singing!!!

I cannot believe she is about to turn 8!!!!!

ingrid said...

Audrey is adorable and so is your big girl. Eight really does mean they are growing up, doesn't it.