Saturday, April 28, 2007

all ready for stocking

introducing lollie. the next little pixie just gone up on ozebaby. cute hey. i love her hair.
she's a size 1.

and below is shelby. i'm a huge collector of shells. i can't believe i haven't made one with a shell before this. i think this is a whelk that he's holding but i couldn't find a perfect rep of what it was so i'm going with whelk. if anyone can correct me please let me know.

i'm planning on doing some really large turbo shells on some smaller size tee's i have. i don't think the pixies would look so good on really little tee's and i have a couple of 00's i want to do something with. so hopefully that's what i'll do next after i do tully's owl and a trade i've been menaing to do for ages.

oh and they go live tonight at 9pm ish SA time.

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tikki said...

I love shelby, he looks so surfer like LOL