Saturday, April 28, 2007

tully's owl

this is a sketch i've made for a tee for tully. Tully is obsessed with owl's. she loves them and gets really excited when she sees one in a book. we went to the zoo last weekend for asher's b'day and the highlight for tully was seeing an owl. I love that she is in love with such a special bird. So latley she's been asking me to do an owl on a tee for her. every time she see's me painting she asks if i'm painting tully's owl. so my next project is tully's owl. she has a navy top that's a bit boring so i'm going to put him on that.

he's a barking owl but i've made him a bit browner than she should be. oh well artistic licence.


tikki said...

ooh, she's cute!! Tully will LOVE her. She reminds me of the Harry Potter owl

starashan said...

I love your owl, Megsie!! So cute! Your drawings are awesome! :o)