Monday, April 9, 2007

busy bees

lots of stuff has been happening here over easter. had some of lach's family staying so have had a very full house. tikki and i have finished one piece that i think is very special. planning on putting up a bit of a teaser on ozebaby very soon.
have also finished my side of a trade. i got some fantastic nappies from kate. gorgeous retro bamboo and blue velour bamboo ...delicious. and a very very very special wool cover. wow ! will post pics when i can get some decent one of my boy in them:D i'll pop up some pics of my trade too once kate has them.
have also just finished some handpainting on some pants tikki made for lily. Have painted lillies on the pockets...well what else for the little lily girl:D very cute...
have started knitting a soaker today. i'm a hopeless knitter and need lots of help from

oh it was also my b'day yesterday on easter sunday. spoilt with lots of choc, lunch up in the hills at a brewery and some beautiful jewells from the lachmonster.

another week of tikki staying and still lots of fun to be had

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