Monday, April 2, 2007

a few more paintings/drawings from long ago

all these pics i made quite a while ago. i haven't created art for myself for quite awhile. first pen and ink pic is of one of my good friends. she has a couple of kids and it was done after the birth of her first.
next is a bit of a rep of mother earth/gaia and the web of life.
boobie woman is self explanatory lol
and last is tikki's wedding present...except i still haven't finished it either. opps...

anyway i wanted to show what else i do beyond pixies.:)


starashan said...

I love your paintings... so beautiful and earthy... you have inspired me to try and start painting again (it's been aaaages)... now to find the time LOL

megsie said...

thanks heaps:D would love to see some of your paintings. always interesting to see what others are doing