Thursday, May 31, 2007

a tee for tully

i have been wanting to make this tee for ages and decided i better bite the bullet and do it or tully would never have things made for her. I'm not totally happy with it but it's ok for the first one. I'm going to make one for the rainbow girl lily and change/refine a few things and then i think i might do one to sell. Well after i reduce the huge list of other things i have to do.

I appliqued some felt and material on first and then painted the dollie and sewed on the ricrac and buttons and hairties. For the life of me i couldn't get the stitch down the centre of the ric rac. Might scrap it for the next one, even thoughi know lily's mum loves ric rac.

Tully absolutely loves it and was busting to put it on. She calls it her tully dolly and makes everyone pat it.
Next the apron needs to be sewn up. We baked today and tully had no apron to wear.

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