Sunday, June 24, 2007

last one

flitter flutter is the last addition for the stocking tonight. She's a size 2 and i was so tempted to keep her for tully but since i decided to keep gregory the green turtle for asher i thought i better put her up for sale.
Gregory is my fav at the moment. Lachie used to work on green turtles so we have a bit of a soft spot for them. I think asher will love him.

The new range won't be one of a kinds so i'm going to do another green turtle at some stage this week (but with different applique fabric) and an owl too. Well that's what i'm thinking at the moment. They are my two favourite's. I'm going to sneak them up randomly so it will be a bit of pot luck who gets them. Oh and they'll be on special organic tee's so keep an eye on tikki's store if your interested:D
stocking for the rest will be tonight at 9pm SA time in the fabulously talented tikki's store on ozebaby

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