Friday, June 22, 2007

a new range

I have been making a new range of tee's for little people. I needed to have a break from the pixies to keep them fresh and so have been making some more handpainted and appliqued tee's.

I really enjoy making these. I love diving into my fabric stash and finding special little bits to mix with paints and coloured tee's. I really like the simplicity of the imagery too as i think it is something children are able to directly relate to. oh and they are cute too lol.

I will probably do another owl like in one of the previous posts to put up on ozebaby. But for the moment Molly dolly (size 1) and swishy (size 0) have been popped up in tikki's shop on ozebaby and will be going live tommorrow night with a couple more appliqued additions(hopefully) and bubstah and fuzzy buzzy.

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