Saturday, August 18, 2007

books, books, books

Our house is always littered with books everywhere. Both Lach and i love books and so do both our kids. They have soooo many picture books that keep them both entertained for hours on end, which is a marvelous thing. My mum provided all of us kids with a love of books and it is something i'm very happy to have passed onto my kids. So with this week being book week and tikki being an english teacher we thought it was a good idea to celebrate with a book theme in her store. I haven't been able to achieve as much as i hoped but there are 4 little tees up previewing now and hopefully i will be able to randomly stock through the week. These 4 tee's will go live on Sunday night at 8.30 SA time. I have a few sketches done for some more and am pretty keen to see them come to life so to speak.
I have been wanting to post some pics from a book i illustrated when i worked at Canberra Museum and Gallery. It's an education resource which my fellow worker Lisa wrote and i illustrated. it was so stressfull as i only had a couple of weeks to do 2 books. Both the same illustrations but one was also collaged. Each page was about A2 size. A huge job and one that although i do love the pictures, the book also reminds me of the stress. Anyway i can't find the photos of the book anywhere! Oh well hopefully they'll show up and i'll be able to share.
happy book week everyone.....hope you have a lovely one :D

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