Tuesday, August 21, 2007

my books :D

Well i couldn't find the pics of the books i made whilst at CMAG but i did find these little gems ! Almost as good. These pics are from some books i did when i was in Grade 1. The top one is (from L to r) lana, me, tikki and louise. We are all wearing our togs and i think i actually remember these little numbers! ties on the sides and all. Poor lana had to stand on a hill for some reason! I love louise's hair, boob tube and wrap around. Yes she did have a farrah fawcett type of flick.
The bottom one is of Lana and i. Poor lana is a tad sunburnt! It was easter and we're pretty stoked to have our eggs!
I love that i still have these little books. Great mementos of childhood.

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